Soda Lake


A hybrid novel, “Soda Lake” is an existential mystery mixed with autobiography and imaginary portraits, and composed as an increasingly connected series of stories. Seven chapters are finished, three still to be composed. Completion of the book is expected in 2016.

The Alaska Quarterly Review is publishing an excerpt from “Soda Lake” in its Fall/Winter 2014 issue.

“Soda Lake” includes chapters about a man disappearing as he walks across Soda Lake; about the narrator’s late night musings and petty revenge upon a neighbor; about the erotic and ironic adventures of a teacher and his hat; about a priest’s disastrous Friday; about a series of intensifying encounters between the narrator and a mystery man who sleeps outside his garage; about an AWOL nun who goes through a psychological, erotic, and spiritual transformation; and about the narrator’s existential and suspenseful journey across northwest Ireland in search of a man who may not be real.





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